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We transform milions and milions informations to our babies. So something similar like that computer shortcut for saving a lot of time :) ctrl + c, ctrl + v.

Exact dimensions

56 1-2 months
62 2-3 months
68 4-6 months
74 6-9 months
80 9-12 months
86 12-18 months
92 18-24 months

Material & print

Material 95% bamboo viscose, 5% elastane
Weight 210 g/m2
Colour off-white
Print screenprint

Material info


Bamboo is considered the fastest growing plant on Earth. In addition, bamboo forms such a complex root system that it is not necessary to plant it again after harvest. New plants sprout from the roots. Bamboo is therefore great in terms of sustainable development. And because bamboo is naturally antibacterial, no pesticides are being used. This is a big difference from, for example, conventional cotton growing. In summary, bamboo is basically a weed plant, does not require fertilization or pesticides plus regenerates itself. Quite simply, bamboo is always organic :) Bamboo fiber is so nicely smooth and has a silky sheen. It is amazing as a first layer, is well absorbent and wicks sweat away from the body. It is naturally antibacterial, functional and breathable.


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Bank transfer K 90,-
PayPal K 90,-
Free delivery if total price over K 3.000,-

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children's outfit Ctrl+v off-white
children's outfit Ctrl+v off-white
children's outfit Ctrl+v off-white
Price: K 450,-
Price: K 450,-
Price: K 450,-
Price: K 450,-
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