We live with fashion trends, graphic design and the transformation of ideas into reality.

We live with fashion trends, graphic design and the transformation of ideas into reality.

We decided to make it in the form of author's clothing
and started the urban brand called youngprimitive.

A few times and enough!

A few times and enough!

We are not a fans of mass production and consumption
That's why we prefer good quality, timeless and limited stuff.

Every product goes through our hands many times.

Every product goes through our hands many times.

We focus on material selection, editing debugging, processing and print quality.
For each product, we start from end to end.

We also take each order individually as we can.
All your troubles with bad size, change of opinion or inappropriate gift are solved immediately and to full satisfaction.

We design, create and respect others..

We design, create and respect others..

Youngprimitive tries to live on the edge of the mainstream. We are for people with straight opinion. For all who want to show their attitude and style.

Stavíme na myšlenkách osobitosti, respektu k ostatním a podpoře tvořivosti.

How we started?

In the autumn of 1999, Efa founded the Blog named youngprimitive.
He wrote down his experiences of travel and insights from everyday life.
At the same time, he began to exhibit his work here.
As the main carrier of ideas and attitudes, he chose a T-shirt.
The first designs were released in 2004.

Meanwhile, Efa met his fateful love, Nitka, who stands by his side in his private and work life, and helps him move the brand on.

Together they expanded their offer for more demanding clothing, especially for women.
After the son's birth, they also added clothing for the smallest primitives.

Na podzim roku 1999 Efa založil blog a pojmenoval ho youngprimitive.

Who's behind?

Filip Urban


Graphic designer, photographer and also a dj PDF. Spiritual father of youngprimitive and sons Vincent and Ferdinand.

Jitka Urbanová


Seek women behind everything :) Nitka is Efa's wife. She made all great ladies and men's outfits you find here.



Má na starosti veškerou produkci. Zařídí, sežene, vymyslí, objedná, domluví, zajistí. S jeho obříma zkušenostma z textilního průmyslu nám pomáhá YP posunovat mílovými kroky.



This girl will solve any question or problem with you and adds a smile for free!

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